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Xava Food B.V. is a wholesale solution that facilitates and accelerates trade between suppliers and buyers of organic foods at competitive prices.Our global network comprises certified organic partners that are committed to the highest quality standards. As a state-of-the-art digital wholesaler, Xava Food B.V. is providing innovative value chain solutions alongside best-in-class service to food manufacturers Europe wide.

B2B Industry

The food B2B industry, as it stands today, is often slow and inefficient. The combination of complex structures and a lack of technology unnecessarily prolongs countless processes along the food supply chain. Buyers are constantly struggling to find information about products that they are interested in, and there is often a lack of transparency around pricing. Small buyers are forced to buy through multiple middlemen, which often results in higher margins.


We bridge the gap between suppliers and buyers in the wholesale organic food industry by providing access to high-quality products at competitive prices. We also cater to your needs with our integrated financing solutions, express shipping of sample orders, as well as delivery directly to your warehouse.

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